As you have probably noticed the differing colors and patterns of Betta Fish seem endless. Common in aquariums are red and blue variations of Betta fish but they also come in black, yellow, turquoise, orange, white, multi colors, marble and metallic.

Betta Color Variations

The following are the betta fish variations and colors:

  • Bi Color (Bettas body will be one color while their tail will be another)
  • Butterfly Color (Solid colored body while their fins are distinctly split into two different colors)
  • Grizzle Color (Generally Pastel in color with spots of a different color spread across their body)
  • Marble Color (an uneven mixture of colors across the entire Betta Fish)
  • Multi-color (Bettas that have a minimum of three different colors and don’t fit into any other category)
  • Piebald Color (Betta’s face will be one solid color while their body will be either solid or marble in coloring)
  • Pineapple Color (Black etching on scales)
  • Solid Color (one block color from mouth to tail)

Bi Color

Betta fish come in light or dark bi colors. A true bi colored betta fish will have clear and distinct color difference between torso and fins where no overlapping is apparent.
Cambodian bettas fall under the bi color category. They have flesh colored bodies with green, blue or red fins.
Chocolate bettas also fall under the bi color category as they have  brown bodies with either gold or yellow/gold fins.

Butterfly Color

Often referred to as a marble trait, butterfly bettas have solid colored bodies and fins divided into two separate colors. Butterfly bettas can come in any color combination.

Grizzle Color

These Betta fish are less common and have spotting of a darker color on an opaque or pastel body. A true grizzled colored Betta will have an even half/half ratio of dark and light.

Marble Color

The first marble Betta fish  came in black and white although today they have become more common with the majority of color mixtures available. The marble gene is generally a dominant gene although the marble colors produced on the scales can change from day to day.
A new marble combination of three colors is called a koi color mix. Betta breeders are working on creating koi colored Bettas and have currently produced bettas with white bodies with red and black marking.

Multi Color

Found in the majority of local aquariums, multi color betta fish are among the most common. The have an uneven mixture of at least three colors across their bodies and fins.

Piebald Color

The distinct feature of the piebald betta is the flesh colored face while the rest of the body and fins is multi-colored.

Pineapple Color

Refers to Bettas with black etching on their bodies usually beneath orange fins.

Solid Color

Solid colored betta fish come in blue, red, yellow, turquoise, cellophane (transparent fins and flesh colored body), copper, orange, black and white. These bettas only have one color from mouth to tail.
blue-betta-fish white-betta-fish


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