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Are You Feeding Your Betta Enough?

We often talk about the dangers of overfeeding your betta fish here at but today I wanted to address the common problem of underfeeding your betta. With the proliferation of betta blogs and online web forums sharing betta care information with the masses, sometimes the important messages get lost. Stories of Swim Bladder Disorder [...]

Treating Tropical Fish with Garlic

The use of garlic as a medicinal aid has been popping up all over internet fish forums since 2009. Betta fish and discus owners in particular have been receptive and have touted its benefits for treating anything from appetite loss to blindness and everything in between. When I start seeing a new remedy gain in [...]

Top 4 Betta Fish Eating Problems

Are you concerned that your betta isn’t eating enough? Here are four common reasons that could explain why your betta fish isn’t eating. Change in Environment – All fish, including bettas, are sensitive to changes in their environment. Even subtle changes in water chemistry can stress your betta enough that he’ll stop eating. This is [...]

Betta Fish Just Laying Around

betta_01, originally uploaded by james_b_b. Q: B wrote, I have been all over trying to get help for my betta, Fritz. He has been sick for over a week now. Color is dim and he just lays on the bottom, rarely tries to swim or eat. I have changed the water, even tried lowering the [...]

Betta Laying on Tank Bottom

Sluggishness and appetite loss can be a sign of many things ranging from something simple like water that is too cool to something more complex like a bacterial infection or parasites.

Betta Spitting Out Flakes

Q: PH wrote, My betta won’t eat flake food. He sucks it up and then spits it out again. What do you recommend? Should I try buying pellet food instead?   A: Sometimes bettas will suck up food and spit it out again to break it up. Observe your betta to see if he is [...]