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A Warning About Preventative Medicine & Aquarium Fish

I want to bring back an old article that was temporarily removed when we updated our site earlier this year. We’ve been getting a ton of emails from readers treating their bettas for all sorts of diseases. I wanted to be sure to share this information as a warning to all our readers. It’s original [...]

Betta’s Head Changing Color

Blue Fighting Fish, originally uploaded by Rae134. Q: DH wrote, I have had my betta Lapis for a little over a month now, and he’s been through quite an ordeal. About a couple weeks ago he managed to get stuck against the old filter system I had in the tank and ripped his caudal fin [...]

Betta Fish Poll Results: Which Common Betta Illness has you Stressed?

tema röd, originally uploaded by miluhe. In the last Nippyfish Poll we asked our readers; which common betta illness has you stressed? The results are in and they are all over the board. 54% (13 Votes) Fin Rot25% (6 Votes) Swim Bladder Disorder12% (3 Votes) Parasites (Ich, Velvet, Etc.)20% (5 Votes) Fungus (Cotton Wool or [...]

Illness Passed from Locally Caught Fish

Yoshiko!, originally uploaded by Fabiz Rabbit©. Q: EW wrote, I am in quite a stand still with what is wrong with my betta and I do not want to lose him! A few days ago I noticed a “film” if you will on my fish. I did a complete water change, and the symptoms went [...]

Flavobacterium columnare (Cotton Wool Disease)

Tito, originally uploaded by guerogrande. Q: AS wrote, Hey. I have been in a dilemma over this problem for a whole week. My Betta fish lives in a rather big fish bowl with plastic plant. Recently, the tips of his fins have begun turning white and has two strands of whitish substance stuck to the [...]

A Betta in Sheep’s Clothing: Cotton Wool Disease

Sexta poser…, originally uploaded by Fabiz Rabbit©. Q: KG wrote, I was wondering if you could help me again. I wrote a few months back. I had a betta who appeared to have Columnaris. You suggested that I use a combination of Maracyn and Maracyn II which worked really well on the first try. Unfortunately, [...]

Rod Bacterium & Secondary Infections

Niles, originally uploaded by SecretAgent99. Q: LP wrote, [I] just discovered your site and blog. So well done and informative. Thank you for your interest and time in sharing with others. I understand you probably have tons of ??? sent your way so I understand if you cannot answer here or on your blog. My [...]

Medicating for Betta Fungus

Niles Originally uploaded by SecretAgent99. Q: KG wrote, Hi Christie, I was wondering if you could help me. You have a beautiful Betta blog and I was wondering if I could ask for your opinion regarding the course of treatment for my Betta. I have had this fish for approximately 9 months and bought him [...]

Stringy Fiber on Betta’s Gills

Fenris Originally uploaded by girlpirate. Q: JG wrote, Several weeks ago on one of my Bettas a white thing appeared at one of its gills. It was small, about one or two millimetres long. It could be seen only rarely, perhaps about once per week or less. One person (who did not see it) thought [...]

Cooling Summer Aquariums

Q: HB wrote, Nippyfish, my aquarium is getting too warm for my fish now that summer is here. I don’t have A/C and I’m afraid my betta is going to cook. The temperature is already up to 82F. What can I do? A: As summer approaches many of us will have to struggle with warmer [...]