Touch Tanks

Touch tanks are shallow tanks of water, usually raised so public does not have to bend over, that contain animals and plants from an aquatic environment (usually local) that the public can touch and/or pick up to examine. Touch tanks can be found at various aquariums, nature centers, zoos, pet … Read more about Touch Tanks

Parvi & Paleo

Once upon a time, two young amazon boys wondered down to the river. Paleo and Parvi looked in awe at the sun streaming through the canopy above into the slowly trickling tepid water. The shores of the river were covered in masses of vegetation of every texture and hue of green imaginable. They stood … Read more about Parvi & Paleo

Moving a Fishroom

In April of last year my girlfriend and I bought a house together and were very excited to move in at the beginning of July. The move itself went very well thanks to the help of a good moving company, some great family and friends, and especially the hard work and planning of my girlfriend Sue. The … Read more about Moving a Fishroom

Setting Up a Hospital and Quarantine Tank

Regardless of how good of a fish keeper we become, sooner or later, despite all of our efforts, all of us will eventually experience a sick fish. If this sick fish is sharing the tank with other fish, the first thing that needs to be done, is to isolate this sick fish from his healthy tank mates, … Read more about Setting Up a Hospital and Quarantine Tank