Live Aquarium Plants for Your Betta Fish

Benefits of live plants for your Betta Fish Health Benefits Like us, your Betta Fish can be psychologically effected by their environment and home, which can have both a positive or negative effect on your little friends stress levels and well being. Having a healthy and stable home … Read more about Live Aquarium Plants for Your Betta Fish

Betta Fish Hammock

If you stop to watch your betta for a few minutes you will see him surface, sticking his mouth above water, to suck in air. Though they have gills, they still rely on their labyrinth organ (similar to lungs) to gain oxygen from the atmosphere. This allows them to survive in poorly oxygenated waters … Read more about Betta Fish Hammock

Breeding or Fear Stripes?

Did you know that Bettas can tell you how they feel? Well, not with words but rather through body language. Bettas use all kinds of physical displays to send a message. One of the most commonly observed displays is the spreading of their fins and gill covers in an impressive display that says, “BACK … Read more about Breeding or Fear Stripes?

Treating Stubburn Fin Rot in Betta Fish

Shelbi with Fin Rot. Image provided by BS Q: BS wrote, My betta fish Shelbi has fin rot now. His water is and has been pristine with the parameters at their perfect spots. He had blackened tips when I bought him but I thought it was just his coloring. Now his fin tips are damaged and broken. I did … Read more about Treating Stubburn Fin Rot in Betta Fish