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The 4 Most Common Signs of Illness in Betta Fish

Sick betta fish can be cured, much of the time, if you can figure out what is ailing your betta.

Female Betta Blowing Bubble Nest.

Trad PK Copper M – Betta-Online, originally uploaded by Daniella Vereeken. Q: MB wrote, I have a strange problem; my female Betta is making bubble nests (unless I have a male with VERY short fins). I had a male and female in an aquarium together for almost 10 months…not a nipped fin or hint of [...]

Female Bettas: Sorority Sisters Fight Too

Quick Tip Female Betta fish can be feistier than Christian Bale on theatrical rampage. Many fighting fish enthusiasts keep female only tanks because they are more communal than their male counterparts only to be surprised later by nipped fins and missing scales. If your girls aren’t playing nice consider spreading out the aggression by keeping [...]

Tips for Hiding Your Bettas Reflection

Angry Titan (RIP), originally uploaded by c4lin. Q: L wrote, I got a betta for Christmas this year and he won’t stop flaring. I upgraded the small bowl he came in for a larger, 2 ½ gallon tank with a mini-heater. I think he can see his reflection in the glass. Is there anything I [...]

Betta Showing Stress After Aquarium Upgrade

abyss, originally uploaded by sanoi. MD wrote, First, I want to tell you how impressed I am with your website! Thank you so much for providing such a rich resource to betta enthusiasts! I am concerned about my betta fish, Nino. I have had him for three months and he has been a great companion [...]

Female Betta: Eggs Causing Lethargy

Homegirl was practicing her MySpace pose., originally uploaded by mandynickel. YC wrote, Hi Christie! I have a quick question for you. When female bettas arepregnant with eggs, and a male is no longer in sight, do they becomelethargic and have trouble eating? I was wondering how much energy reabsorption of the eggs cost them. A: [...]

Older Bettas & Dropsy

Dropsy itself is not a disease but a symptom that can be caused by several things including a bacterial infection, virus or even parasites. It’s very common in tropical fish, especially Betta splendens and sadly it is usually fatal.

Unstable PH Looks Like Common Bettas Disease

castor, originally uploaded by haleyluna. Q: J wrote, I have a Crowntail Splendid Betta; named Bartholomew, whom I’ve had for 1½ years now. I keep him in a 5½ gallon tank with a filter, heater set at 73 degrees, and an air pump with no added tank mates. The tank environment consists of two plastic [...]

Flavobacterium columnare (Cotton Wool Disease)

Tito, originally uploaded by guerogrande. Q: AS wrote, Hey. I have been in a dilemma over this problem for a whole week. My Betta fish lives in a rather big fish bowl with plastic plant. Recently, the tips of his fins have begun turning white and has two strands of whitish substance stuck to the [...]

Beta Beta Beta: Betta Sororities

Q: KB wrote, I am writing you just to say that I love your site and the blog. It’s so informative and it’s great that there is someone out there who can provide correct information about bettas. I just recently logged on to check out the blog for updates and I saw that you used [...]

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