Hyperplasia in Fishes

Hyperplasia is a fancy way of saying abnormal increase in cell numbers or cell numbers "gone wild" leading to a size increase of the affected tissue or organ; it can also be used as another term for benign growth, or tumor. Hyperplasia can be induced by many things, including chronic inflammation, … Read more about Hyperplasia in Fishes

Community Females

It is a well-known fact that male bettas cannot share a tank. They are aggressive and will fight, sometimes to the death. Many people can and do keep their male and females (only one male betta in the tank) in community tanks with other fish like gourami's and neon tetras Females bettas are … Read more about Community Females

Daily Tank Checks

Daily tank checks should be done in order to catch problems with living specimens or tank equipment before specimens are lost. Following is a list of items to look for/do during tank checks (Part of this list was from my handbook on how to operate the J. L. Scott Aquarium, where tanks had to be … Read more about Daily Tank Checks

Three Strikes

Over time, each species of fish has evolved to fit into the environment in which it is found. Because the species has evolved over thousands of years to a particular environment, that environment can be termed to be the optimum environment. As fish keepers, when we know a species' optimum … Read more about Three Strikes