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Understanding Dominant and Recessive Genes in Betta Fish

What Are Dominant and Recessive Genes? Betta breeders are most interested in understanding and manipulating genes for either color or tail type. Understanding the various genes and traits and how they are manipulated can be complicated. One of the first things you need to understand is the difference between dominant and recessive traits and how [...]

Buying Bettas from a Breeder

Betta breeders are always developing beautiful new breeds of betta fish that simply aren’t available in the big box pet stores. These fish are almost exclusively shipped to buyers by mail. There are some minor variations when buying a betta from a breeder, but it basically goes like this:   Buying Bettas Direct from a Breeder [...]

Betta Fish For Sale | Where to Buy Bettas

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So you need to know where to buy Betta Fish. Fortunately, bettas are easy to come by if you’re not too picky about the color or fin type you are looking for. Just about every fish store and general pet store has rows of colorful bettas for sale.   Big [...]

Betta Fish Life Span

Betta fish life span is based on a few simple factors. Environment, diet, genetics and a little luck all play a role in how long your betta fish will live. Domesticated bettas, when cared for properly, have an estimated life span of about 3 years. It is not unusual for a betta to live longer [...]

Lifecycle of Siamese Fighting Fish

Betta splendens go through several unique and interesting lifecycle stages. Here is a brief introduction to the Lifecycle of the Siamese Fighting Fish – Betta splendens. FERTILIZATION: During spawning, the male and female betta join in what is known as an embrace where they curl their bodies together, aligning their reproductive organs together, under the [...]

Conditioning Bettas for Breeding

What does it mean to “condition your betta fish?” When breeders refer to conditioning their bettas they are referring to the period of time (usually 2 weeks) where they provide the best possible diet and housing conditions for their fish in an effort to prepare them for breeding. The diet is altered to encourage the [...]

Breeding or Fear Stripes?

Did you know that bettas can tell you how they feel? Well, not with words but rather through body language. Bettas use all kinds of physical displays to send a message. One of the most commonly observed displays is the spreading of their fins and gill covers in an impressive display that says, “BACK OFF [...]

Betta Fish Breeding Injuries – Male Betta Wounded by Female Betta

A Twist of Fate, originally uploaded by fairydancer1975. Q: A wrote, I have a male and female betta in a 10 gal tank. I purchased both of them at the same time and introduced them both to the tank at the same time as well as to not have one dominate over the other. They [...]

Should Betta Fish Breeders Stop Breeding Veil Tail Bettas?

Do you think betta fish breeders should stop breeding veil tails? Up until a few short years ago, the only betta fish you could find at the large commercial fish stores like PetCo, Petsmart and Walmart were the standard veil tail betta. Double-tail, Crowntail, Delta and Halfmoon bettas were an oddity shared only by breeders. [...]

Large Aquariums: Housing Male Bettas with Females

Q: Anon wrote, I have a 20 gal long with some peaceful community fish and I’m currently keeping a male and female in separate tanks. I’d like to add them both to this one tank but don’t know how they will react in the same tank. Is it safe to house them together? A: Generally [...]

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