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Betta Fish Hammock

If you stop to watch your betta for a few minutes you will see him surface, sticking his mouth above water, to suck in air. Though they have gills, they still rely on their labyrinth organ (similar to lungs) to gain oxygen from the atmosphere. This allows them to survive in poorly oxygenated waters where [...]

Are You Feeding Your Betta Enough?

We often talk about the dangers of overfeeding your betta fish here at but today I wanted to address the common problem of underfeeding your betta. With the proliferation of betta blogs and online web forums sharing betta care information with the masses, sometimes the important messages get lost. Stories of Swim Bladder Disorder [...]

Treating Tropical Fish with Garlic

The use of garlic as a medicinal aid has been popping up all over internet fish forums since 2009. Betta fish and discus owners in particular have been receptive and have touted its benefits for treating anything from appetite loss to blindness and everything in between. When I start seeing a new remedy gain in [...]

Top 4 Betta Fish Eating Problems

Are you concerned that your betta isn’t eating enough? Here are four common reasons that could explain why your betta fish isn’t eating. Change in Environment – All fish, including bettas, are sensitive to changes in their environment. Even subtle changes in water chemistry can stress your betta enough that he’ll stop eating. This is [...]

Breeding or Fear Stripes?

Did you know that bettas can tell you how they feel? Well, not with words but rather through body language. Bettas use all kinds of physical displays to send a message. One of the most commonly observed displays is the spreading of their fins and gill covers in an impressive display that says, “BACK OFF [...]

Woops! Betta Food Dumped into Fish Tank

my gold crowntail, originally uploaded by louie imaging. Q: EB wrote, I’ve had my betta fish for a couple months; it was a gift from a friend. Usually he shows the usual healthy signs but I noticed that his color has dimed and he doesn’t have that shininess to him anymore. His eyes aren’t clear [...]

New Betta Fish is Sluggish and Not Eating

Q: H wrote, Hi there – Firstly, I wanted to say that I’ve been reading your (beautiful) site for a while now, before I bought my first betta, and it helped tremendously – many thanks! Secondly – I’m hoping you can give me some advice or suggestions. My betta came home on Saturday of last [...]

Betta Fish with Lump on his Head

Lump on Betta’s Head provided by LH LH wrote, I’ve seen your site and figured I’d get an opinion on my fish if you don’t mind taking the time. I’ve had him since the end of January and about a month after I got him, he had a spot on his face that just grew. [...]

Skittish Betta Fish Too Fightened to Eat

, originally uploaded by prismaviolet. Q: JY wrote, I’m really hoping you can help me. I’ve had bettas before, but I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m at a total loss as to what to do. About a week and a half ago my betta, Billy Pilgrim, began acting like he was very scared of [...]

Top 7 Betta Fish Myths – Don’t Make These Common Mistakes with your Fighting Fish

Betta – Front, originally uploaded by Rhizae. 1. Betta fish are lazy and don’t do much. A healthy betta is an active betta. Bettas constantly explore their surrounding and spend most of their day swimming all around their aquarium. They often respond to their owners by begging for food and wiggling their tails too. If [...]

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